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SmartDrive Power Assist Device

The SmartDrive is a revolutionary new power assist device from Max Mobility that will change your life. It can power you and your manual wheelchair up steep hills, through carpet and over grass. It is intuitive to use, just push to go and brake to stop, it’s that simple. It will go for days on a single charge. Plug in and get out there!

  • Power your manual wheelchair up the steepest slopes
  • Lightweight, drive is 11 lbs.
  • Push to go, brake to stop
  • Wheelies and curbs are no problem
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Range (level / no resistance conditions): 12.3 miles (19.8 km)
  • Maximum speed (level surface): Adjustable [4 mph (6 km/h) default]
  • Maximum speed (6o incline): Adjustable [4 mph (6 km/h) default]
  • Maximum acceleration: Adjustable up to 2.0 ft/s2 (0.6 m/s2 ) [1.1 ft/s2 (0.3 m/s2 ) default]
  • Motor power: 250 W Motor voltage: 36 V
  • Operating temperature: -25 oC to 50 oC
  • Continuous theoretical driving range: 14.2 miles (22.9 km)
  • Total weight: 13.5 lbs (6.1 kg)

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