Motion Aid

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Our Story

Our Story

Enabling Your Happiness

MotionAid is a mobility aids solutions provider founded in Jakarta under PT Hidup Berkat Rahmat Anugerah. We believe that people with less abilities deserve the same happiness as every fully-abled individuals.


Disabilities often breaks the bridge between the less-abled and their source of happiness, whether it is to create cherished moments with their loved ones, to spend more time with friends, to move independently or even to be able to work again. MotionAid exists to reconnect them with their personal reasons of happiness.

We thoroughly understand that family is the greatest priority, that is why we provide families around Indonesia with a first class, end-to-end movement adaptability solutions exclusively selected from the professionals of the industry.


Our helpers exhibit genuine care towards our customers as we believe that all of our customers are a part of MotionAid’s family. Like families do, we treat our customers with the utmost respect and pure sincerity.