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Auto Accessibility Solutions

Auto Accessibility Solutions

MotionAid provide the best auto mobility solutions, so you can go further.
  • Swivel Seats

    A couple of centimeters of the seat outside the vehicle is sometimes all it takes to help you sit down or make the transfer from wheelchair. Getting the seat outside the vehicle is something we can...

  • Wheelchair Transfer

    Another solution to enter the vehicle is to completely eliminate any lifting during the transfer. Simply let your wheelchair transform into the car seat.

  • Vehicle Ramps

    Loading and unloading should be quick, easy and safe. We have flexible loading solutions for both companies and private individuals, incorporating everything from telescopic and folding portable...

  • Transfer Plate Slider

    The innovative transfer-plate designed to help people with reduced mobility getting in and out of the vehicle.

  • Left Foot Pedals

    A well proven pedal system highly adjustable to your personal preferences.

  • Swivel Seat Lifts

    Sometimes having the seat partly outside the vehicle is not enough. Maybe you would benefit from having the entire seat outside the vehicle and at your wheelchairs height.

  • Wheelchair Lifts

    The safest way for an adult person to travel in any car is seated in a car seat wearing a seat belt. We strongly believe that the first rule of vehicle adaptation is to never compromise the level of safety...

  • Transfer Person Lift

    If you have little or no mobility in your legs but want to continue to enjoy travelling in a regular car seat then a Smart Transfer is a perfect solution. Our lift will lift you gently out of your wheelchair and lower you gently into either the driver or passenger seat...


    Carospeed Menox is a universal floor-mounted none car specific hand control that moves the accelerator and brake pedals to an intuitive hand control

  • Carolifts

    A flexible wheelchair hoist that fits in almost all car models.


We service a wide range of trusted brands in the mobility industry to ensure only the safest and most reliable products are offered to you and your loved ones. Search the products offered by each brand to find your mobility solution.

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