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Bath Safety

Bath Safety

Our selection range of solutions to ensure safety while in the bathroom.

Find the Right Bath Safety for You

  • Mountway Toilet Lifts

    The Solo Toilet Lift replicates natural standing movement at the touch of a button, assisting users to help themselves get up into a standing position.

  • Mountway Bath Lifts

    The Splash bath lift will lower you safely to the bottom of the bath and will then raise you smoothly back to the top again.

  • Height Adjustable Washbasins

    Washbasin lifts and Nursing tables that are designed with great care to work good in the everyday life for everybody.

  • Clean Shower Commode Chair

    Etac Clean shower commode chair is extremely easy to operate, thanks to the width of the push handle.

  • Relax Shower Seat

    A smart and elegant shower seat that folds nicely flat to the wall

  • Raised Toilet Seat

    Raised toilet seat with extra comfort and quick, safe installation.

  • Toilet Arm Support

    Foldable, space-saving design for a reliable support wall mounted toilet arms.

  • Flexible Grab Rail

    Etac Flex grab rail is the perfect choice for those who need a little extra support in the bathroom.

  • Toilet Seat Raiser

    Hi-Loo with brackets is a raised toilet seat which is extremely stable and yet easy to remove.

  • Toilet Seat Raiser with Arm Supports

    Height adjustable toilet seat raiser which combines flexibility and simplicity.

  • Integrated Toilet Arm Support

    Adjustable toilet arm supports that integrated with toilet bowl.

  • Mobile Tilt Shower Commodes Chair

    The Swift Mobil Tilt-2, has a unique tilt feature that gives increased security for the user and an ergonomic working position for the carer.

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