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Liftkar Wheelchair Stair Climber

If you rely on a wheelchair for getting around, the LIFTKAR PT offers you more mobility in non-barrier-free buildings. Whether it is on holiday or visiting friends.


No worries: these stairclimbers move smoothly and softly without leaving marks or scratches on floor and stair surfaces.

  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Up to 18 steps per minute
  • Capacity weight up to 160kg
  • Confidence in steep and spiral staircase
  • Leave no marks stain on the floor
  • Quick and easy to connect the wheelchair with stairclimber
  • Motorized aid for emergency escape
PT Uni
Load capacity / Article number 130 kg / 045 727
160 kg / 045 728
Total weight 27,6 kg
Total height 1130 mm
Total width 760 mm (platform lowered)

395 mm (platform raised)

Maximum step height 205 bis 220 mm
Range per charge Generally between 300 and 500 steps. Depends on weight of passenger and whether they are travelling up or down. A quick-change battery pack is recommended for frequent use. In-transit battery charger available as an accessory.

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