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BraunAbility Turny Evo

The Turny Evo seat lift swivels out and lowers down to your desired height. Getting seated is now only a matter of sitting down or making a completely unobstructed transfer from your wheelchair. When properly seated you press a button and the Turny Evo lifts you comfortably into a safe position in the vehicle.

  • Fits users in even more car models than previous versions
  • Customizable movement path
  • Advanced pinch protection
  • Unlimited backrest inclination
  • Powered lengthwise adjustability of the seat inside the vehicle
  • Informative hand control display showing the status
  • 4-channel Remote Control Interface
  • Easy emergency operation
  • Easy back-up systems
  • No adapter plate needed for BEV and Compact seat
  • EMC and crash test approved
  • CE-marked
  • Advanced seat lift
  • Programmable movement path provides excellent head space and leg space
  • Powered lift and swivel
  • Generous lifting height
  • Built-in foot rest
  • Adjustable comfort position
  • Total weight capacity: 180 kg (incl. seat)
  • Swivel range: 0-113°
  • Product weight: 84 kg
  • Power supply: 12 V

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